“In an age and living in a city (Los Angeles) that prides itself on botox and facelifts.
It’s so nice to find an ORGANIC product line that gives amazing results. I have been
using this line for the last 3 months and find my skin to be clearer and healthier looking.
I am happy to report that my vanity in being taken over by all these little blue bottles!”

Cobie Smulders
“How I Met Your Mother”

I love these products and am so glad to be able to tell people how amazing they are!

(December 2009)
Thank you so much for sending me all of those wonderful products!! I was so excited to open up the package yesterday and have since tried all of the face care, between last night and this morning, and the body lotion. The makeup remover was likely the best remover I have ever used and I loved how my skin feels having just put on the lotion. I can’t wait to see what my skin feels like in a few weeks after I get into a routine with the products!

(June 2010)
I have now been using all of the face care products for six months and I am blown away by how it has transformed my skin. Since middle school I have always battled breakouts due to the stress of different life seasons. However, since I have been in a regular routine using these wonderful products my skin has never felt healthier or been more consistently clear! To Miss America and back, I did not have to worry about how the change of climate, schedule, or stress would affect my complexion and I was so thankful for that! I also LOVE that the products are natural and not full of mystery chemicals. I will be a lifetime user of Healthy Aging Organics!

Devanni Partridge
Miss Washington 2009

I have always had difficulty with my skin. From the products that claim to be miracle-workers on television, to both over-the-counter and doctor prescribed cleansers to help clear up acne, I have tried just about everything. Finally – A product that cleans and clears but doesn’t contain mystery ingredients and harmful toxins for my sensitive skin to absorb! The Shampoo, Conditioner and body products are absolutely my favorite. My hair literally took on a new shine and healthy feel over night. With a demanding schedule and high-stress lifestyle, my skin and hair are the first to suffer and I am so thankful to have a product I can rely on. Tutta Bella products have been my saving grace this year.

Janet Harding
Miss Washington 2008

Miss Washington Tutta Bella Customer

I have only accolades for all of the products you have graciously introduced me to and I’m thrilled to share my experience with the world! As Miss Washington, I keep a very busy schedule.  I travel frequently, perform often, manage a high level of stress, and interact with dozens – oftentimes hundreds – of people a day.  Fortunately, my complexion doesn’t have to suffer due to these constraints.  I attribute the clarity and radiance of my skin to the Faccia Bella products that I’ve come to adore!  The Faccia Bella regimen I use keeps my generally oily and break-out prone skin clear and photo-ready all the time!  Further, these products are gentle – never harsh – and loaded with what I can only describe as a “wow” factor.  My skin feels smooth, clean, refreshed, and – best of all – healthy!  I swear by the Vitamin C Cleanser and OxyToner Mist… I literally NEVER leave home without them.  And this kind of luxurious treatment certainly isn’t just for “beauty queens,” all women owe it to their skin to try these amazing products and benefit from all they offer.  Now that I’ve used Faccia Bella, I’ll never go back to anything else.  I’m confident that once you try it, you’ll w onder how you ever lived without!

Elyse Umemoto
Miss Washington 2007

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product line.  The Vitamin C cleanser and OxyToner Mist are hands down the best skin care products I have ever used.  I encourage women of any age to try these products.  Be sure to try the body lotion which keeps my skin soft and hydrated even when I travel to dryer climates.

Peggy Miller
Executive Director
Miss Washington Organization

I have been in the esthetic field for over eighteen years and have found nothing like Tutta Bella products. They are wonderful and even my most sensitive clients can use them and see great results. Because they are truly green they appeal to my more naturally oriented clients and this seems to be the trend ~ more people wanting a natural product line. Overall I recommend these products to anyone that wants to improve their skin and look great! Thank you Tutta Bella for making such a fabulous product.

Suzanne Sasse
Clinical Estethician

I am a huge fan of the Tutta Bella product line.  As a naturopathic physician, I am critical of potentially toxic ingredients in many health and body products.  My personal regimen really dwindled down to just a few things I felt were safe to put on my skin.  With the additional educational materials and product options I recieved from the company my family and I now enjoy toxic free baby products, soaps, shampoos and make-up.
And we are looking, smelling and feeling healthy!Beth DiDomenico, ND 

I have extremely dry and sensitive skin.  I had tried everything with no relief.  Then I discovered the Tutta Bella products.  They feel great on my skin and really work.  I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

Jennifer Hinkle
Working Mother

Our company specializes in massage therapy and we see many clients who want to have truly pure and natural products. Tutta Bella products are fantastic in a variety of ways, the ingredients are eco friendly, the packaging is awesome and last but not least, they work really well. I highly recommend the Tutta Bella Line. It will suit the needs of the entire family, friends, and clients/patients. They are a very progressive look into the future of what all households in America will be using. We all need to start thinking about how to be toxic free and environmentally friendly. Please give Tutta Bella a try, you wont’ be disappointed, you will be delighted.

Teresa Fromm
Business Manager
Natural Health Building

Since I started using the Tutta Bella skin care line the little white heads are gone and my skin is much smoother. I have tried many other skin care lines over the years, and have been to several dermatologists and nothing has worked like the Tutta Bella Skincare line.

Judie Guthrie
Etiquette Specialist

I have been using Tutta Bella for a few years now, like everyone else I’d tried every skin care product out there, until I found this; I struck gold! I saw immediate results and my skin was glowing, and the most important thing of all was it was all natural, organic and toxic free! I’ll never go back to anything else, thanks Tutta Bella for wonderful looking skin!

Debbie Dyer
Clinical Esthetician

I tried the Tutta Bella, Healthy Aging Products line and loved the fact that I was doing something good for my skin. The cleanser was gentle and soothing on my sensitive face. The lotion rehydrated and felt smooth all day. I love the products!

Debe McDowell

As an Image Consultant I am proud to offer such a wonderful product, Tutta Bella skin care is toxic free and green! My clients want to look their best and that starts with their skin, I highly recommend Tutta Bella I use it myself and it leaves my skin feeling so clean but not dry, there is no waxy feeling in moisturizers. I ran in to a friend the other day and she asked where I was getting my microdermabrasion done and I was tickled to tell her that I had not had one in six months, I had been using Tutta Bella Skin Care. It is great to offer such fabulous products to all my clients.

Barb Wilson
Image Consultant

For several years I have tried different organic and and “natural” products for my face and body.  Tutta Bella Healthy Aging products are the real deal.  And toxin-free is the key as American households go “green”.   As an added bonus the Tutta Bella line is the ultimate way to pamper your skin.  I highly recommend Tutta Bella for the whole family.

Karen Herman
Silpada Designs Independent Representative

Everyday we hear about the growing concern of unhealthy or untested ingredients in nationally known personal care products.  Some of these ingredients may cause health problems in some users.  What can consumers do? Are their any alternatives to these well-marketed products?  The answer to both those questions is yes.  People are beginning to educate themselves on which chemical ingredients to avoid when purchasing their personal care products.  The demand to carry an organic line is now and Tutta Bella products bring physician strength and quality to an organic line.  From head to toe, infant to adult, Tutta Bella delivers products that work for all skin types.

Deborah Radcliff
Medical Esthetician

I have been using the Tutta Bella Bambina Bella Baby Bar Soap as a face soap, and have given it as gifts to friends. As a 50-something, I am always looking for products that are gentle but effective, and prefer soap over cleansers to wash my face. This soap is extremely gentle but cleanses thoroughly. I love the feel of it on my skin.

Karen Ellis
Attorney, Nashville, TN

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