Tutta Bella was founded based on over 32 years’ experience in the skin care industry.  When the founder, Dana Luchini was a child, her Grandmother Nanny lovingly used the phrase “faccia bella” which means “beautiful face” in Italian. Naturally You is proud to announce the introduction of Tutta Bella, with their organic, toxin-free product lines for your family and home. When you treat yourself to Tutta Bella products, everyday becomes a “faccia bella” day!

Tutta Bella developed a holistic approach to help you look and feel better by replacing toxic chemicals with natural organic ingredients. You’ll be amazed how much healthier you feel as your body responds to the transformation, and your skin becomes more radiant.

To present the most exquisite organic skin care, clothing, and accessories available, the founders collaborated with a premier designer, formulator, chemist, and manufacturer, who all share the same vision in creating Tutta Bella’s product lines.


Naturally You! LLC, has had a longstanding business philosophy that it is important to help others.  As such we regularly provide donations to help organizations that work with Autistic Children, provide donations to children’s hospitals, cancer research and alleviating the needs of struggling families.


Dana Luchini was one of the founders of Tutta Bella. She has been in the health and beauty industry for over 20 years as a Clinical Esthetician, Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and Minister. Believing in mind, body and spirit medicine after working with cancer patients and owning a healing salon & spa, Dana incorporated a holistic approach to skin care after becoming concerned with toxic ingredients. She opened a Natural Health Center, where she combines not only external anti-aging treatments but internal solutions as well. Dana has had extensive training in organic and toxic ingredients and chemical sensitivities. She believes that toxicity, deficiency and dehydration play a huge role in most disease and illness. So Dana worked with a formulator to develop organic and toxin-free skin, body and household products. It’s Beth and Dana’s mission to provide healthy organic products and educate the public on the most natural solutions to better your wellbeing.


Beth Niemi was co-founder of Tutta Bella. She has been involved in the health and beauty industry for over 12 years as a medical skin care specialist, licensed massage therapist and as an administrator of a Plastic Surgery Center. Until recently, she has had a consulting firm that specialized in business, marketing and image Development, corporate etiquette and representative for 20 high-fashion accessory lines. She initially left the medical skin care industry over concerns of the long time effects of chemicals used in treatments and products. She became interested in organic products three years ago after meeting Dana Luchini and learning about the toxic chemicals found in products, food, household goods, etc. Today, as one of the Managing Partners in Tutta Bella, she can be a part of a company that provides healthy alternatives for products, apparel, and accessories for you and your loved ones.

Alvaro Ramirez President and CEO of Naturally You! LLC.  Alvaro has been involved with the natural products industry for over 18 years.  He started working as a consultant for several worldwide supplement distribution companies helping them develop their business concepts and structuring operations.  In 2013 in response to a need that he saw in his own son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and was struggling with challenges associated with it he started to research ways that he might be able to help him using a natural approach.  Alvaro came across research indicating that many children diagnosed with Autism seemed to react positively to treatment wherein oxidative stress was reduced.  This led him to look into NRF-2 deficiencies and the effects of this condition on those diagnosed with Autism.  This is when Naturally You was born, out of a desire to help a struggling child.  We have grown to include many all natural supplements and skin care products.  Each of our products is guaranteed to be powerfully effective and created using only the highest quality of ingredients.  Alvaro takes pride in knowing that the products that are offered through Naturally You are helping people throughout the world.


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