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Apparel & Accessories

Stylish and eco-friendly, our collection of tees, bags, and accessories are designed and developed with your personal and environmental health in mind.

We use Organic Cotton fabrications along with Soy and Bamboo fibers, offering you a unique blend of comfort with ecological savvy!

Stain resistant finishes on all our bags make clean up easy and keep bags looking great!

Organic Cotton:
Tutta Bella products use only certified Organic Cotton grown and processed under strict guidelines that guarantee the elimination of pesticides and other toxins.

Growing conventional cotton consumes 25% of all pesticides used globally. These toxins touch the entire supply chain by polluting the land and water, and negatively affecting the health of the farmers and workers who handle this cotton on its journey from the field through the milling process to the customer.

Bamboo Fiber:
Tutta Bella products use natural Bamboo fibers that grow without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is the fastest known growing plant in the world.  It reaches maturity in three-to-four years and spreads quickly across vast areas, improving soil quality in degraded and eroded regions of land.  Bamboo fiber is also anti-bacterial which allows it to stay fresher and odor-free longer... making it more hygienic and healthier!

Soy Fiber:
Tutta Bella products use natural Soybean fibers that feel as soft as silk.

Soybean fiber is an eco-friendly textile fiber derived from renewable natural resources.  The actual fiber is created from the by-product dregs of soy-based food products such as tofu, oil, and soy milk.  In the past, these dregs would have typically been discarded.  However, modern manufacturing techniques have turned what would have been waste into useful textile fibers!